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SMTP mail to Exchange 2003

Bob Ballard_1
Occasional Visitor

SMTP mail to Exchange 2003

We recently upgraded or OpenVMS application to 7.3-2. The previous version sent out email using MX mail and it now uses SMTP. After the upgrade, our Windows Exchange 2003 server does not seem to be getting all the emails that are sent to it. The problem is that when OpenVMS sends out one particular report which sends out 15 separate emails with small text attachments only 4 or 5 of the 15 messages that are sent reach the inbox of the Outlook Client. I have looked at the Tracking Logs and it shows all 15 messages being delivered with out any errors. I have tried sending the same report to 5 different users with the same results. I can send the report to other mail servers like yahoo and hotmail and everything comes through fine. The messages are not being blocked by our virus software and there are no outlook rules set to move or delete these messages. I have also checked the dumpster option on the inbox and the messages just do not appear anywhere. Can anyone give me some other ideas as to what is happening?


David B Sneddon
Honored Contributor

Re: SMTP mail to Exchange 2003


From what you describe, the problem would appear to
be with the Windoze end of the transaction.
If the logs show that all 15 mesages get to the exchange
server but some fail to get to the client, then again
it would tend to implicate Windoze.
Is there anything "odd" in the ones that don't get
through (control characters etc)?
You may want to ask this question in one of the
Windoze forums.