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%SYSTEM-S-ILLPAGCNT, illegal page count parameter

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Clark Powell
Frequent Advisor

%SYSTEM-S-ILLPAGCNT, illegal page count parameter

What would cause a program (and process) to terminate with this error message on OpenVMS 8.3 ECO 12. I thought we were past this on 8.3.

The HELP says this:
ILLPAGCNT, illegal page count parameter

Facility: SYSTEM, System Services

Explanation: The number of pages specified for an expand or control region
request is less than 1 or it would cause the program or
control region to exceed its maximum size.

User Action: Check for a programming error; verify the number of pages
specified for the service call.
David B Sneddon
Honored Contributor

Re: %SYSTEM-S-ILLPAGCNT, illegal page count parameter

Given that the message appears to be a "success" message, I would suspect
the value being used to generate the message is garbage and R0 is being corrupted.
What is the program and what does it do?

David B Sneddon
Honored Contributor

Re: %SYSTEM-S-ILLPAGCNT, illegal page count parameter

$ write sys$output f$message(249)

will give the message you are seeing.
Does that number special with regard to what you are doing?

Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: %SYSTEM-S-ILLPAGCNT, illegal page count parameter

I'm with Dave that this is a 'suspect' error code.

Did this show up? What changed? Patches? More data? Each time? Specific users? Right away?

If it happens after a while, then maybe monitor the process for quota with SHOW PROC/CONT and hit key 'q' for quota.

Do you know which service/routine returns the errors?

If you are clueless about where in the program this happens, then how about using SET PROCESS/SSLOG and at least get some notion of what is happening.
Btw... Spawn before using SSLOG. It's too easy to loose a process in the process of getting the log.

Good luck!
Clark Powell
Frequent Advisor

Re: %SYSTEM-S-ILLPAGCNT, illegal page count parameter

The error message is from an accounting process termination record. Probably not a show stopper all the time, maybe none of the time but, it is unusual.

SUBPROCESS Process Termination
Account: CACHE Finish time: 21-SEP-2010 18:00:22.31
Process ID: 2028A1AF Start time: 21-SEP-2010 18:00:22.23
Owner ID: 2028B1AB Elapsed time: 0 00:00:00.08
Terminal name: Processor time: 0 00:00:00.07
Remote node addr: Priority: 4
Remote node name: Privilege <31-00>: FFFFFFFF
Remote ID: Privilege <63-32>: FFFFFFFF
Remote full name:
Posix UID: -2 Posix GID: -2 (%XFFFFFFFE)
Queue entry: Final status code: 000000F9
Queue name:
Job name:
Final status text: %SYSTEM-S-ILLPAGCNT, illegal page count parameter
Page faults: 373 Direct IO: 10
Page fault reads: 62 Buffered IO: 113
Peak working set: 6512 Volumes mounted: 0
Peak page file: 23295568 Images executed: 6
Respected Contributor

Re: %SYSTEM-S-ILLPAGCNT, illegal page count parameter

I have seen similar types of misleading status messages when the status of language RTL calls is passed to lib$signal for example.

If you can check the program that was running or check the log file for a stack dump.

Honored Contributor

Re: %SYSTEM-S-ILLPAGCNT, illegal page count parameter

> Final status code: 000000F9

This status value is one that is returned by the Cache database executable - it indicates that your Cache database is "up". See the comments in the DCL code within your [.BIN]CSTART.COM for the definition of this and various other status values that the CACHE executable can return. The management command procedures bundled with Cache make use of these unorthodox status values.
Frequent Advisor

Re: %SYSTEM-S-ILLPAGCNT, illegal page count parameter

Keep in mind that the final status code reported in Accountng.dat is simply the last status value that was set before the process terminated. It does not mean that the process terminated because of this status code.