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Setting timeout for idle telnet session

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Dave Laurier
Frequent Advisor

Setting timeout for idle telnet session

Hi all,

I would like to configure a timeout for idle telnet sessions. For instance, if a telnet session has been idle for 1 minute than the session needs to be terminated.

I have configured the following timeout value for the telnet service:

TCPIP> disable service telnet
TCPIP> enable service telnet
TCPIP> show service telnet /full

Service: TELNET
State: Enabled
Port: 23 Protocol: TCP Address:
Inactivity: 1 User_name: not defined Process: not defined
Limit: 50 Active: 1 Peak: 1

File: not defined
Flags: Listen Rtty

Socket Opts: Rcheck Scheck
Receive: 3000 Send: 3000

Log Opts: Acpt Actv Dactv Conn Error Exit Logi Logo Mdfy Rjct TimO Addr
File: not defined

TCP options: Delay
Drop_count: 10 Probe_timer: 600

Reject msg: not defined
Accept host:
Accept netw:

However, the idle sessions are not terminated after the defined period of time has elapsed. The TCP keepalive settings are set as below, however I expect them not to be taken into account because of the /SOCKET_OPTIONS = NOKEEPALIVE that I set:

tcp_keepalive_default = 0
tcp_keepcnt = 8
tcp_keepidle = 150
tcp_keepinit = 150
tcp_keepintvl = 150


Dave Laurier

Karl Rohwedder
Honored Contributor

Re: Setting timeout for idle telnet session


as far as I know, interactive TELNET sessions are not terminated after a time spec. by the INACTIVITY settings. I do not know exactly what the value means for TELNET (for FTP e.g. it specifies how long the FTP daemon stays alive without doing anything).

To kill inactive usersession we use the WATCHER utility from Hunter Goatley, see the archives under

regards Kalle
Dave Laurier
Frequent Advisor

Re: Setting timeout for idle telnet session

Will look at the suggested alternative. Thanks for this information.