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Setting up html2ps on VMS

Iain Major
Occasional Visitor

Setting up html2ps on VMS


I am using Perl (5.8.6) installed onto VMS with html2ps (version 1.0 beta5) and can successfully print simple text files. I have downloaded ImageMagick (version 6.4.0-11) and PerlMagick (version 6.4.0) to deal with printing of images.

Please can anyone give me help / instructions as to how to install onto VMS? I found instructions which suggest using $ @make but there is no make file ( see http://nchrem.tnw.tudelft.nl/openvms/imagemagick.html and http://trac.imagemagick.org/browser/ImageMagick/trunk/Install-vms.txt?rev=11047).

Many thanks,

Karl Rohwedder
Honored Contributor

Re: Setting up html2ps on VMS

I just downloaded and checked the actual Imagemagick version, the subdir [.MAGICK] contains a MAKE.COM, which should be run as:

regards kalle