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Setting up new terminal for clustering

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Setting up new terminal for clustering

I am still new to OpenVMS(3 weeks). I have broken down the message into Objective, Current Status and Conclusion. Please try to comment, suggest and point to sources of documentation in detail (as I am newbie). In earlier replies, I was given the suggestion to look at google groups but could not find anything helpful.

Books and documentation referred: HP OpenVMS, system management guide,Getting Sratred with OpenVMS

We have 2 workstation XP 1000 and DS 25 (Alpha Stations) which are as a simple cluster on Ethernet. (Current setup in the doc file).
We have recently got a new DS 25 (still packed). Which needs to be added in this cluster.

Current Status
1)Regarding New DS@%
New DS 25 (Alphastation DS25 EV68)(still packed waiting for replies from all of you :) )
So I don't know whether OpenVMS has to be installed on DS25. From what I read the first time you install OpenVMS you have to mention whether the system has to be clustered

2) Regarding the Current Setup
- I believe I need to run @CLUSETER_CONFIG.COM
Once new system is up and running. Current Setup diagram in the doc is what it is right now. So I have got Gigabit Switch (series 2608 from Dell). I intend to get Cat 6 Ethernet cables for 1000T Mbs network between DS 25s and Cat 5 cables for Fast Ethernet setup between XP1000 and DS25s. Please have a look at the "future setup" in the doc file.

I believe the first phase is Setting up new terminal, installing OpenVMS.licensing and configuring for Simple Clustering.
Second Phase is starting @Cluster_config file and including the (new)DS25 as a node.
I beileve I can set up DS25s at 1000Mbs using RJ 45 Cat 6 and XP1000 at 10/100Mbs (same as current).

Please let me know what other information you require and if possible the commands to get that (or documentation that shows how?)

Thanks in advance for your help

Karl Rohwedder
Honored Contributor

Re: Setting up new terminal for clustering

Perhaps you should start reading the cluster manuals:
- OpenVMS Cluster Systems http://h71000.www7.hp.com/doc/731FINAL/4477/4477PRO.HTML
- Guidelines for OpenVMS Cluster configurations

Mainly you call Cluster_config or Cluster_config_lan and answer all questions and then just boot the new station via ethernet. It is then discovered by the bootnode (via MAC address), an optional local pagefile is created, the staion performs an autogen and reboots.

But there are some decisions to be made so I strongly recommend reading the manual 1st.

mfg Kalle
Volker Halle
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Re: Setting up new terminal for clustering


you a refer to a 'DOC file' in your entry, but there is no such attachment to your message, which leaves us pretty much 'in the dark'...

There are many possible ways to configure a cluster, so - after reading the manual referred to by Karl - you might want to reply with your current config plan (as an attachment). Consider to use a non-propriatery format (such as ASCII text).

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Re: Setting up new terminal for clustering

Thanks for your replies.
Regarding the attachment I was actualy refering to the diagram in one of the clustering manuals. So yes I am refering those manuals in detail. Each time I am learning something new. But as it might be obvious I still need to read more.So I will continue doing that.

Anyway I was trying to post the picture which is on http://h71000.www7.hp.com/doc/731FINAL/6318/6318pro_004.html#lan_thr

Fig 4-1 is current setup and I want to switch to Fig 4-2.
Kris Clippeleyr
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Re: Setting up new terminal for clustering


I'm not trying to be the wise guy here, but shouldn't you better take a system management course first before embarking on the road of building & configuring clusters?
HP (and partners) have very good courses on the subject.
Kris (aka Qkcl)
I'm gonna hit the highway like a battering ram on a silver-black phantom bike...
Robert Gezelter
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Re: Setting up new terminal for clustering


I echo the other comments made earlier. They are correct:
- adding the node as Diskless, and downline loading it over the Ethernet is the fastest and easiest way to add the node to the existing cluster. Running a cluster on a shared system disk is far easier and simpler than working with multiple system disks
- note that having one node at 100Mb and the others at 1Gb MAY not be an advantage. For example, if the shared system disk is on the slow machine, then most of the traffic will still be to the 100Mb segment of the network. Using the Cat6 cable is ok (Cat6 is compatible with Cat5), just the extra bandwidth will not gain anything -- and can cause problems in some cases).

First followon question: Are the existing members running on a shared system disk? Or do they each have their own system disk?

- Bob Gezelter, http://www.rlgsc.com
Ian Miller.
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Re: Setting up new terminal for clustering

I've probably said this before but see
for a good list of books.

VMS Clustering can be simple to setup and less simple to get right.

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Re: Setting up new terminal for clustering

Thanks for replies and more important encouragements :)
I am updating some information. With what I have read from manuals and using Show Cluster and Show network commands.

These are the things I have figured out.
-Common Environment (and would like to keep it that way)
-> XP 1000 is Directly connected to DS 25 terminal at Port B (10/100/1000) Mbps port.
-> DS 25 is Directly connected to Internet via Port A (10/100)
-> Currently OpenVMS 7.3-1 is installed
-> DecNet_OSI V 7.3-1
-> Network Type is DNA V
-> TCPIP V5.3-18 is installed

The two nodes are clustered to run as a common environment (I am still in the process of confirming it so any suggestions you have is useful).

My first objective is to replace direct connection between XP1000 and DS 25 with a Gigabit Switch ( Power Connect 2608 Dell product).

So internet will be connected to the Switch. -> XP 1000 and DS 25 ports will be directly connected to the switch.

In that regards I don't think there is any configuring required as it is already setup I am merely replacing it with switch(which I believe unlike router doesn't need to be configured).

Since the nodes check everytime if nodes are clustered to each other, I believe as soon as I put in the switch it should get repaired.
If I do need run some commands I am not aware of it right now.

Regarding Documenation I am referring
*OpenVMS System Management Guide
*Getting Started with OpenVMS
*Guidenlines for OpenVMs Cluster Configurations
*OpenVMS Cluster Systems

Any comments and suggestions are helpful. Also please let me know if you want more specific information (and if possible way to get it). Regarding taking outside courses, I will keep it in the back of my mind as budget is an issue here.

Thanks again for your replies
Karl Rohwedder
Honored Contributor

Re: Setting up new terminal for clustering

If you just change the 'network hardware' between the 2 nodes, the cluster should come up fine (if the network HW doesn't prevent clustering by e.g. blocking some protocols...).
But you should shut down the cluster, change HW and reboot afterwards.

To check, if you have a 'common environment'. just check the SYS$SYSDEVICE device (sh dev sys$Sysdevice), if it is the same on both nodes, you have a common system disk.

mfg kalle
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Re: Setting up new terminal for clustering

Thank you for your replies, I am still continuing the clustering project. However, now I have got better idea and went little bit deeper to make questions a little more specific. So I will post it as a new thread.

Thanks for the reply Karl regarding System Disk it was very helpful.