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Re: Setup to send email through SMTP

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Setup to send email through SMTP

I want to send email to my ISP's mail server through SMTP. It requires a login and specifying a specific port. I looked through TCP/IP manuals but couldn't find how to do this.




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Re: Setup to send email through SMTP



here is a quite recent entry from comp.os.vms, which shows some alternatives:




CSWB (Mozilla) is also supposed to be able to handle SMTP-AUTH.





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Re: Setup to send email through SMTP

There's no direct solution with the HP TCP/IP Services IP stack product, though Process Software does have this capability available via their PMDF product, per this text discussing PMDF 6.4.  


You can also, as was mentioned in another reply here, use a client that implements ESMTP submission-port (TCP 587) support, with CSWB and a few other tools being available, as well as open-source libraries such as phpmailer. This does not implement the SMTP-to-SMTP server connection that you've asked about, however.


It's possible to implement an SMTP-to-ESMTP gateway that does this stuff for outbound mail, but that's an exercise left to the reader.  In-bound mail could be implemented via imapsync, for the other direction.  But rather than implementing your own SMTP-to-ESMTP gateway, it's also easy to configure a relay with a (Linux, Unix, OS X) box running the Postfix mail server, or other similar mail server.  Thus can also be set up to relay from TCP/IP Services, which is what I do with the VMS servers that need to use the TCP/IP Services product.  (It can also be configured to relay messages back, if you wanted to spend a little more time in Postfix and DNS, and if your Postfix server has a proper DNS configuration and a public static IP address.)


An odd coincidence, too: there was a discussion of this topic on the #vms IRC channel (djslocker.2600.net) from a few days ago, too.