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Sharing CMS in a cluster environment

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Wayne Gillan

Sharing CMS in a cluster environment

Are there any issues in sharing CMS libraries in a cluster environment with different versions of CMS installed? In particular we have an Alpha with CMS V3.9-2 in a cluster with an Itanium running V4.5. Is it necessary to upgrade the Alpha to V4.5?
John Gillings
Honored Contributor

Re: Sharing CMS in a cluster environment


Unless there's a good reason not to, I'd say it would be prudent to upgrade the Alpha to the same version of CMS as you're running on Integrity. (General principal, try to keep the versions of layered products as close as possible across systems)

Although I'd certainly expect the later version of CMS to understand and be able to update older version libraries, I wouldn't be certain that they will work for all cases in the other direction.

If there is some reason you need to keep the Alpha at the earlier version, then maybe you should be splitting off a copy of the libraries (or at least the critical modules) that need to stay back?

Of course, for a definitive answer, please log a case with your local Customer Support Centre.
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Wayne Gillan

Re: Sharing CMS in a cluster environment

No its not Geoff but he said to say thanks. I'm just a newbie doing a bit of tinkering and research. Seems like we'll go ahead with the upgrade.

Honored Contributor

Re: Sharing CMS in a cluster environment

Definitely get to the same version of CMS.

Do also ensure that the system times are synchronized on the various nodes via NTP or otherwise; if there's more than a limited time skew (30 seconds?), CMS can get its knickers in a twist.
Peter Barkas
Regular Advisor

Re: Sharing CMS in a cluster environment

I've been running 4.4 on my Alpha for well over a year whilst all the other nodes in the cluster are Alpha 4.2.

I have seen no problem after thousands of CMS operations.