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Small update requested :-)

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Small update requested :-)

Hello Hoff and other Friends,


God knows why, IBM France wants to hire me a for a few months to do some VMS Support Services management.


As I hung my VMS boots with  version 7 something on VAX and Alpha (remember these names ?) I may have to read a few cover letters to update my (former) knowledge up to 8.4...


Just read the road map. Plenty of new stuff for me in there: Virtual Connect, Poulson (sounds like Olsen :-( Integrity (isn't it an HP kind of hardware?), SMH (a Swiss Company which manufactures Swatch chips in Neuchatel ?), WBEM, iCap, GiCAP, Hi Cap (no, this is for guns), Provisioning, etc. etc.


My question: What would be the fastest way to learn most of all I missed since my last boot?


Thanks and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.


Hein van den Heuvel
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Re: Small update requested :-)

Bonjour Didier.


RTFM? ... guess you are doing that already.


Get an account on an OpenVMS system 

- eisner

- deathrow

- mg


Get yourself an Alpha emulator going. In no particular order...





Maybe someone is willing to put up an image for download?


If you can swing by Eindhoven, NL then I can lend you an all setup RX2600 to play with!


Good luck!




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Re: Small update requested :-)

Salut Hein,


Bonne année !

Remember our chat in the Sheraton Marlboro yard ?

Time passes...


I do have an emulator, PersonalAlpha, from our Friend Robert.

Its not with 7.3 that I'll learn all the goodies which happened since :-)


I do have an account on EISNER::


No, my concern is to know all I missed since these years.

Reading the VMS doc and do a DIFF/PARA may take too much time, you see :-)





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Re: Small update requested :-)

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John Gillings
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Re: Small update requested :-)



   I wouldn't worry too much about trying to learn all the new stuff.


  Chances are the sites you'll be dealing with are on old hardware and software, so it's almost an advantage to not know about the new stuff! Even if they're on recent hardware and software, they're unlikely to be using much in the way of new features. Look at the systems you're supporting. When/if you find something you're not familiar with, find the appropriate docs and work it out.

A crucible of informative mistakes
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Re: Small update requested :-)

John Gillings Sydney CSC ????????

Loooooooog time no chat !

How do you do, John ?


(btw, I agree with your view)