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Software Library

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Software Library


We have an Alpha 800 system which is yet to be put in network. We have received the CDs for software library.(Please check the attachment for copies of them.) pls let me know what are the essential steps to make the system fully functional and available for remoe user.
Ian Miller.
Honored Contributor

Re: Software Library

vms has extensive documentation at

and free training for vms is available on the web

or hire someone that knows that they are doing.

You need to install vms, a network product and whatever else is needed.
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Hein van den Heuvel
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Re: Software Library


Ian is of course correct in his reply. From the way you ask the question there is a good bit to learn for you to pull this off.
You may want to find help, but it can be done in a couple of hours focussed work.

The software libray CD's of which you attached a picture, contain supplemental software like the compiles. Thypically NONE of those CDs are needed to get a functional, remotely accesibel OpenVMS systems going.

You need an OS CD, possibly some patches and possibly fresh FIRMWARE.

What OpenVMS VERSION is supposed to be installed? I'd recommend 8.3

On the Alpha 8000 console, try to issue some HELP and SHOW commands to learn what is on the box and whihc REVISIONS.

Good luck!

Bob Blunt
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Re: Software Library

Amaresh, I guess you're talking about an AlphaServer 800. IF so, you'll need an older source of firmware to bring it up to date. The Firmware CD that comes with V8.3 will likely not have versions that support your Alpha. Check the pamphlet that comes with the firmware CD, I think it may say which version you need. If not, there should be data about it at the HP AlphaServer website.

Next, as the others have hinted, you have a vast variety of solutions you could apply to your system. With modern OpenVMS O/S releases you'll have the O/S version and most common networking protocols that HP offers on the O/S CD. The HP IP stack and both flavors of DECnet. LAT is a native part of the operating system (if you can even utilize it in your environment).

Don't forget licenses, without the correct license PAKs you might get the machine booted but it'll never talk to anything but the operators console and this can be particularly nasty if you have a machine that tries to boot DECwindows.

There are far too many choices that you'll need to make for us to guess what you're intending to accomplish. Please do some checking around, verify what you (or your employer) need, make those decisions and let us know them so we can make our guesses educated ones.

Robert Atkinson
Respected Contributor

Re: Software Library

Amaresh, it sounds like you VMS server is running, but you need TCP/IP connectivity?

For this you need one of the supported TCP/IP stacks. VMS comes free with either UCX or HP TCP/IP.

If you type '$ SHOW NET' it will give you an idea what stack is installed, if any :-

$ sh net

Product: DECNET Node: ALPHA Address(es): 1.71
Product: TCP/IP Node: alpha.tbs-ltd.co.uk Address(es):

To configure TCP/IP, run @SYS$MANAGER:TCPIP$CONFIG. There are a number of keys items you must configure to make the stack work - let me know if you need any help with these.