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System security

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Wim Van den Wyngaert
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Re: System security

Group users still have rwed. You said 1 user only so the d should go too.

Jan van den Ende
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Re: System security


please, PLEASE read (and follow) the advise by Bob G (also hinted by Jon P) about MOVING ANY NON-OS stuff AWAY from [SYSMGR] (and all other SYS$SYSROOT directories) !!!

I have seen DISASTROUS thing happen by it!!



Have one on me.

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Re: System security

Yes, stay clear of SYS$SYSROOT.

It's a certainty that the SYS$SYSROOT searchlist does not work as might be expected. There are all manner of corner cases lurking within searchlists that can trip up even the most experienced of OpenVMS programmers. Files aren't necessarily where you might expect, and multiple directories must be created or you can get errors you might not expect.

Use your own top-level directory.
Peter Zeiszler
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Re: System security

You really really want to move user stuff out of the main system directory. One wrong slip up and you may end up rebuilding a broken system.

Do you have another disk that it can be moved to? Show dev D
Sumant M Kumar
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Re: System security

Hello Guru's,

I have moved the file from system disk to data disk(DKA100) and revoked the default permission on dka5:[sys0]sysmgr.dir

Now i have a better idea about ACL and setting permissions on dir/users & files and impact if i set wrongly on system directories.Thanks a lot for your valuable time and guidance.