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TCM__EventHandler Bugcheck code 112

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TCM__EventHandler Bugcheck code 112

An I64 is running OpenVMS 8.4 with the latest patches. There is a communications driver that uses OMNI/OSAP S7. It uses ISO transport over TCP - RFC 1006.


Every couple of days the communications driver crashes with this error:


[BUG]:************ FATAL ERROR **************

      TCM - Internal Corruption

      Occurred in TCM__EventHandler

      Bugcheck code 112

      Please submit an SPR



What is TCM? Is TCM used only by OMNI/OSAP S7? Is TCM used only by the ISO transport? Is TCM an outdated or obsolete module? Should I submit an SPR to try to get it fixed? Should the SPR go to HP Support?


I know these are fuzzy questions. Any general information or advice would be appreciated.


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Volker Halle
Honored Contributor

Re: TCM__EventHandler Bugcheck code 112



where do you find this error message ? In some kind of .LOG file ? Filename ? There should be a process associated with and writing that .LOG file. Process name ?


If you've found that process, search through all images activated by this process for the string 'TCM__EventHandler'. Once you've found the image containing this string, look at the image header with ANA/IMAGE/INTERACTIVE. The image identification information might include a recognizable product name (at least for DEC/Compaq/HP software products). Does PROD SHOW PROD show a matching product ?



Re: TCM__EventHandler Bugcheck code 112

Thank you. It's mine, but it is layered on top of OMNI, which in turn is layered on OSAP. OMNI/OSAP are BASEstar products.


I searched every executable in the system for TCM__EventHandler. It appears only in the OSAP products:


I believe OSAP_S7_AST_SHR.EXE is the one that is relevant. (The others are OSAP_S7_SHR.EXE, OSAP_COM_AST_SHR.EXE, OSAP_COM_SHR.EXE).


Since it does not appear that this TCM__EventHandler is used by anything else on the system, then I would have to seek support for a bug fix to OSAP.


I guess that answers my main questions. Thanks for steering me.




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