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TCP/IP Printer Setup

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Kitti Thanapuasuwan
Occasional Advisor

TCP/IP Printer Setup

I have 3 Alpha, 2 clustering at the Main Site, the other at remote site.
I want to print to IP printer at Main site from Remote Site. I setup TCPIP Host name. Then use INIT/QUE/START/PROCESS=TCPIP$TELNETSYM/on="HOST:9100" REMOTE$PRINTER
The error msg show
%JBC-E-NOSUCHNODE, remote node is unknown or not reachable.

When I show that queue, it show the Node name in Main Site. I also can Ping to that IP Printer.

3rd system IP =
Printer IP =

Please help or give me some guideline. I'm very new with OpenVMS.

Martin P.J. Zinser
Honored Contributor

Re: TCP/IP Printer Setup

Hello Kit,

on the system you do want to setup the queue on, do the following

telnet 9100 ! Replace with the name you use in the queue.

You should see something like this (hello world example by me)

$ telnet helium 9100
%TELNET-I-TRYING, Trying ...
%TELNET-I-SESSION, Session 01, host helium, port 9100
-TELNET-I-ESCAPE, Escape character is ^]
hello world
Press ^]

If the printer does e.g. PCL it should print hello world now.

If this is all working your network setup is ok and the problem is with the queue. If this is not working there is still a problem with the network (like e.g. a firewall blocking port 9100).

Greetings, Martin
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: TCP/IP Printer Setup

From the error message it looks like the system does not know on which node to start the queue or that system is down at the moment.

Have you tried to include the nodename of the VMS system at the remote site? Like this:

A minor note: I would spell out all qualifiers in the full length (e.g. /PROCESSOR=, not /PROCESS=). That is a little more typing, but I beleive that makes it much more readable.

Many, many years ago I was asked what the command 'SU' stands for.

EH? (I am still talking VMS)

The user then said that the command 'lifts a .COM into SYS$BATCH'. It took some more time to realize that he was talking about the 'SUbmit' command!
Willem Grooters
Honored Contributor

Re: TCP/IP Printer Setup


assuming the printer is on the LAN:

/ON=HOST:9100 would be the printer itself
So you'll need to specify


to access the printer directly

You will need to setup a TPIP-route to this printer (it is on a different network), but since ping accesses the printer, this seems ok.

BTW: port 9100 is for HP printers. Other brands normally have a different port they listen on.

Willem Grooters
OpenVMS Developer & System Manager
Esteemed Contributor

Re: TCP/IP Printer Setup

Hi Kit,

Let me summarize. As you said you can ping the IP address of printer ( ), follow the following steps:

1. Check whether port 9100 is open for the printer:

$telnet 9100

If port 9100 is open , you will find the output as stated by Martin. If port 9100 is not open, then find out which port is open with the help of your network support.

2. Initialize the queue:

$init/que/start/on=""/processor=tcpip$telnetsym remote$printer

3. Check the queueu status:

$sh que/full remote$printer

4. If the sho que/full shows that queue is idle, then try to print a file

$print/notify myfile.txt /que=remote$printer

I think this is all what needs to be done. If you are still facing the problem, then please post the output of following commands:

$sho queue/manager/full
$tcpip sho version
$mc sysgen sho scsnode
$sho que/full remote$printer
$telnet 9100
$telnet 515

This is help is troubleshooting.

Thanks & regards,
Lokesh Jain
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