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TCPIP cluster application, DNS, and Node accessibility

Sergey Akimov
Occasional Contributor

TCPIP cluster application, DNS, and Node accessibility

Hi, All !

I have a DNS-cluster (Windows 2000 DNS server) with some Alpha servers working under OpenVMS Cluster V7.3-2 (TCP/IP V5.4). One instance of my application working ON EACH cluster node. It is not a classic VMS TCP service (inetd -> how many connects - as much processes) but usual VMS application listen for some TCP/IP port and processing all client connections/queries in single process (common loop with ASTs).
Availability of every node through DNS controlled by LOADBROKER+METRIC (DNS dynamic update). When node failed, no client connections established to it (it is normal).
BUT! When only my application failed and node still working, LOADBROKER+METRIC (i.e. DNS server) allow client to connect to node, but my server application not responding (because it is dead on this node)!
QUESTION: How can I tune LOADBROKER+METRIC to allowing client connections (access) to node only if some TCPIP ports opened/listened (i.e. my application working) on that node?

Thanks! And sorry my English. :)
Ian Miller.
Honored Contributor

Re: TCPIP cluster application, DNS, and Node accessibility

(don't worry about your english - there are plenty of non-native english writers here allthough I don't know if there are anybody who can read Russian.

You have supplied the tecnical detail, thats the main thing.)

I guess this is related to this thread.

Some Background reading

Ideally you would somehow update the system metric if your application is not running.
Parhaps you could shutdown the metric server when your application is shutdown?
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