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TCPIP parameter changes

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TCPIP parameter changes

hi all friends...

In tcpip,We have planned to do chage the tcp_keepcnt,tcp-keepidle,tcp_interval,tcp_init attributes values for system performance.

we have changed these values by following the command:

sysconfig -r sybsystem atributes=value

and we have checked theses values and it was effected immediately ,butwe have changed these values in volatile database and how to change these values in permanent database..

I think it will be changed through sysconfigdb utility,but how can i cange these...otherwise shall i edit and update the sysconfigtab.dat file....

pls help me support at the earliest....

Thank you
John Gillings
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Re: TCPIP parameter changes


Remember there are 3 levels here. "Volatile" (lasts only for this incarnation), "Permanent" (survives reboots, but not necessarily patches, upgrades or other maintenance), then there's "Forever" - where the change will always be applied and is well documented.

Rather than editing sysconfigdb, I'd recommend you add your sysconfig commands somewhere in your startup procedures. That way the changes are forever, and can be documented, explaining why the change was made.

TCPIP$STARTUP will call SYS$STARTUP:TCPIP$SYSTARTUP.COM, if it exists, at the end of the startup sequence.
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Re: TCPIP parameter changes

Dear John,

Thanks for your support.

We have planned to do change theses values in permanent databsae via add command in tcpip startup procedure.

Actually these values changes recommended by HP,for last week one type of application users are not able to login in the system.The problem rectified after shutdown(cluster shutdown:3front end servers,one back end server) the systems and rebooted.
we have also used RTR application for communicating process..

Thank you