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TCPIP port security (IP blacklist)

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Re: TCPIP port security (IP blacklist)

Thanks for the update. I hadn't noticed that the firewall feature was dropped from the V8.4 roadmap. Ah, well.

I'd not been waiting for V8.4 here regardless, and am presently running external firewall boxes for the OpenVMS servers both for the direct control and for various other capabilities that a firewall can provide.
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Re: TCPIP port security (IP blacklist)

Waiting for the update, if the need for blocking a specific port is really important, you can do it the "dirty way": implement in sylogin a procedure to lookup the BG device of the incoming connections, harvest the local or remote tcpip port from output of tcpip sho dev and logout the "hacker".
Or I can do it for you for 5 czech beers :)
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Re: TCPIP port security (IP blacklist)

System Detective, which I develop at PointSecure, has the capability, among many others, of deleting processes with a specific string in the port field of their terminal.  The source of a session connection is frequently listed in the port field.  Security events are recorded, notifications may be made, reports may be generated, etc.  You can see information about System Detective at www.PointSecure.com.