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Tabular Display System Close doesn't work

Kenneth Toler
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Tabular Display System Close doesn't work

I have a tool that has been written in C and UIL.

I can get the system close to work for Dialogs, but not for Tabular displays.

I need the System Close feature to work on both Dialogs and Tabular Displays.

How do I accomplish this?
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Re: Tabular Display System Close doesn't work

Um, "tabular display"?

Um, "system close"?

Um, modify the tool mayhap?

Is there an OpenVMS component or tool involved here, or is this a question of a local application that requires one or more modifications for whatever "system close" might be?
Bob Blunt
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Re: Tabular Display System Close doesn't work


Is your application one that was written FOR OpenVMS or one you're trying to port over? Does this tool have a name? Has it ever been ported to OpenVMS before? What does it do, what does it manipulate and what is the output? Does it have a user guide or a "readme.txt" (or something similar)? What version of OpenVMS, Motif/DECwindows and what architecture?

Without some knowledge about the tool or the source code from the tool, we're in the dark. A situation similar to trying to play the piano blindfolded while someone randomly shuffles the sheet music.

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Re: Tabular Display System Close doesn't work

There is a UIL Motif language that comes with OpenVMS when you install DECwindows. It can be used with either Fortran or C, not just C. Maybe it can be used with other high level languages as well, I don't know. I've done a little bit of UIL programming on VMS before but I've never heard of that terminology before. So maybe this is not an OpenVMS question? If it is, it would also be useful to know whether this app. is on a VAX or Alpha (or I64, I suppose), what version of VMS, what version of Motif, what version of C, etc. Thanks.