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Re: Threads in VMS

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Threads in VMS

Hi All,

I want to know: Is threads are being supported in VMS and if yes where can I learn more about them.

If possible please provide me some links or programing examples through which I can learn how to use threads in VMS.

Duncan Morris
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Re: Threads in VMS

Hi Ajaydec,

you might start with this manual, describing POSIX threads in OpenVMS:



Robert Gezelter
Honored Contributor

Re: Threads in VMS


There are several thread-related concepts supported by OpenVMS. POSIX threads are supported, in several flavors and are fully documented (see the relevant documentation on the OpenVMS www site at http://www.hp.com/go/openvms ).

Internally, many OpenVMS systems facilities are designed around ASTs, which are a form of FIFO asynchronous event processing.

- Bob Gezelter, http://www.rlgsc.com
Ian Miller.
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Re: Threads in VMS

The programming concepts manual

is also always worth a read when contemplating particular ways of implementing things on VMS.
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Jan van den Ende
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Re: Threads in VMS


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Re: Threads in VMS

Thanks to All and thanks to Jan for reminding me of sumiting the points.

Best Regards,
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Re: Threads in VMS