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Total size of backup action

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Alon Jacob
Frequent Advisor

Total size of backup action

Can anyone tell me how can I make my Backup CP to write the total size of files it backed-up to the logfile?
I couldn't find any parameter to the backup command and the option of listing the files after the backup is not an option forthat case.

Karl Rohwedder
Honored Contributor

Re: Total size of backup action

Perhaps you may write a listfile during the backup-run (/LIST=filespec). We do so and scan this file afterwars for number of files and blocks.

Beware that files amrked /NOBACKUP are counted though not actually written.

I think Guy Peleg has something on his worklist to let BACKUP create symbols of what it has done.

regards Kalle
Volker Halle
Honored Contributor

Re: Total size of backup action


BACKUP currently does not provide that type of information.

If you're doing backups to disk, the size of the disk savesets is an approximation of the total backup size.

If you do backups to tape, you could also calculate an approximate total backup size using the current tape position counter and the backup saveset size. This would need a couple of SDA commands. If you're interested in that kind of information, I can give an example.

Alon Jacob
Frequent Advisor

Re: Total size of backup action

Hi all.

For the time being I think I'll use the /list parameter and extract the data from that.

If anyone has any info on when Guy releases that new feature I'll be glad to know.

Joseph Huber_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Total size of backup action

Meanwhile, for Tape backups, You don't need backup/list, but
mount/nowrite backuptape:
directory/full backuptape:[]

This listing gives the real saveset size (blocksize * number_of_blocks), other then the total blocks from backup/list.

And a directory on tape is much faster, it doesn't have to read record-by-record the whole saveset.

Guy Peleg
Respected Contributor

Re: Total size of backup action

Hi Alon,

OpenVMS V8.3 will introduce a new
qualifier - /PROGRESS_REPORT. The new
qualiifer outputs CTRL-T style message
to the output device, every given interval.

While this is not exactly what you are
asking for, V8.3 introduces a new style
CTRL-T message which includes the total
amount of data about to be processed.

You may parse the new message and it will
give you what you need (sort of)

Post V8.3 we'll introduce "full statistics"


Guy Peleg
OpenVMS Engineering