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Tracking printer usage by queue name

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Wim Van den Wyngaert
Honored Contributor

Re: Tracking printer usage by queue name

You can also put all the accounting files in 1 dir a use accounting with something like acc_dir:*acc*.*.
And combine this with /sin/bef.

Note also that when redirecting listings (all redirections or only some, I don't know because we don't do accounting reporting here), accounting is done on the from printer. E.g. a telnet sumbiont queue directed to a LPD queue is accounted on the telnet queue.

Rich Hearn
Regular Advisor

Re: Tracking printer usage by queue name


Thank you for the suggestions. I only have two files that I need to be concerned with, so these are easy enough to specify. I will also look into the re-directed listings to see where the accounting gets done.

Tnx agn,