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UCX connection problem

Paul Tao
Frequent Advisor

UCX connection problem

1. Environment :

I connect a lan by 3 hosts in the following:

My notebook, VAX VMS node 1 and node 2. All connect to a hub.

VMS node 1 and node 2 including their shared storage are in a VMS cluster. I can see all the two members by $show cluster. Both the VMS nodes run VMS 6.2 and UCX 4.2.

I check the hub, all the 3 port leds are lighting so their connecting with their hosts work normally.

2. Problem:

My notebook can communicate with node 2 mutually by TCPIP, but can not ping to node 1. Node 2 can not ping to node 1 either.

I attachment detail description.

Any help or hints are highly appreciated. Looking forwards to your early reply.
Honored Contributor

Re: UCX connection problem

That clustering is operational or that the LEDs on a switch light doesn't necessarily imply that the network is truely active, or that IP is active. Just that the physical layer is happy.

Your description would imply that Node 1 is not correctly configured, that IP is not started, has encountered an address collision, etc. It's very easy to leave IP out of the system startup, for instance -- been there, done that.

I'd use UCX$CONFIG to have a look at the settings on Node 1, including the address, network mask, gateway, and related, and I would ensure that IP is started on the node. (DECnet and clustering are both completely unrelated to and disjoint from IP.) If stumped, I'd probably pull up Node 1 and Node 2 in parallel (DECnet SET HOST) in UCX$CONFIG and compare and contrast the core settings.

Depending on what hardware is present, it is entirely possible that nothing is connected via that network -- there are other buses that can be used for cluster communications and storage, such as DSSI.

There are also ECOs for TCP/IP V4.2 that fix a number of problems. These ECO kits are accessible over in the ftp.itrc.hp.com patch area.


FWIW, your detailed description attachment appears to be using Microsoft Office Word Document file. The corporate firewall blocks direct downloads of all Microsoft Office files due to the frequency of malware and zero-day attacks involving those file formats. Please consider (re)posting material in plain text format, RTF, PDF, or OpenDoc/XML.
Paul Tao
Frequent Advisor

Re: UCX connection problem


I agree the $show cluster goes by DSSI.

I configured UCX on both the VMS nodes the same way.

I attach again the detail for your analisys. Thanks.

Paul Tao
Jan van den Ende
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Re: UCX connection problem


to start with,

WELCOME to the ITRC VMS forum.

You did not indicate either way, but have you got Decnet on your VMS systems?
This being 6.2, I rather expect so, but...

Do a
and post the output (in plain text please!)

In the event that you DO have Decnet, it will also show the addresses, and you/we will be able to test your network infrastructure in two different ways.
As Hoff said, you CAN have clustering using DSSI, without a working network.



Have one on me.


Don't rust yours pelled jacker to fine doll missed aches.
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Re: UCX connection problem

Ok, the boxes here all seems to be running DECnet Phase IV.

CSHVB2 is DECnet 49.52.

Your notebook appears to be running the PATHWORKS 32 client with DECnet started, and appears configured at DECnet address 49.2.

Based on what you've posted, it looks like you might have a conflict with the address between your laptop and CSHVB1. This based on what you've posted, though I could easily be misreading it.

Can you post SHOW INTERFACE/FULL or the LANCP information from/on CSHVB1 to confirm that?

As a potential test, disconnect your notebook from the LAN and see if CSHVB1 and CSHVB2 can then sort out both DECnet and IP access.

If this DECnet address conflict is present within your LAN, it would explain the connectivity issues, and it could easily tangle IP. (Was just writing a support and troubleshooting article on a related topic, so the DECnet addressing is really fresh.)

Stephen Hoffman

Paul Tao
Frequent Advisor

Re: UCX connection problem

I replace the console module, containing NIC. Then all the decnet and UCX work.

Thanks All.
Paul Tao
Frequent Advisor

Re: UCX connection problem

I found it having problem with network hardware.