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Unable to send mail

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Unable to send mail


Good morning.

We have a problem sending mails from our VMS servers to outside domain in the Internet.
The mails bounce back with the below infomration .

%UCX-E-SMTP_UNREACHABL, Can't connect to remote host, in.yahoo.com
-SYSTEM-F-UNREACHABLE, remote node is not currently reachable

I presume that I need to add a mail relay server here . is that right? Can you please help me with this .
We do have mail relay servers in the network , but not sure how to add them in VMS.

I use HP TCP IP suit.

your replies will be highly apprecaited.

Ian Miller.
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Re: Unable to send mail

Read the fine manual on setting up an alternate gateway.

works for me, YMMV
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Andy Bustamante
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Re: Unable to send mail

You should also verify DNS is configured properly:

$ @sys$manager:tcpip$define_commands
$ nslookup
> set type=mx

and that the VMS system has access to send mail.

$ telnet a.mx.mail.yahoo.com 25

If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over? Reach me at first_name + "." + last_name at sysmanager net
Peter Zeiszler
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Re: Unable to send mail

tcpip set config smtp /gateway=alternate=host

See if that is what you are after.

Type tcpip
Then at the TCPIP> prompt
Help set config
Drew Shelton
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Re: Unable to send mail

What syntax are you using for the outside email address?
Joseph Huber_1
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Re: Unable to send mail

And, since the error message was %UCX-E-SMTP,
the commands above are UCX rather than TCPIP.