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Unicenter Event management

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Unicenter Event management

I have few VAX/VMS (Open VMS 7.1) servers insttaled with Unicenter event management agent v2.4.2 and a server with unicentre event management server.
Local profile has been created to generate events in case of a failure and is doing the job.
Is there any way to get alert on the console screen automatically when ever there is an event.?
Presently the events are generated and I am able to see the events by doing the follwoing

on the unicenter server>set consolidator
> show events.

I want get a pop up on the console screen when ever there is some critical events occurs.
Any body can help?
I am also uning unicentre console manangement and performance mamanagement also along with these.
Edwin Gersbach_2
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Re: Unicenter Event management

Hi Sunil,

As you say 'a pop up on the console screen' I guess you use a graphics console.

I don't know about such a thing as a popup window, but you might open a DECterm dedicated for event viewing. There you enter the comand


It will show you all current events.

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Re: Unicenter Event management

Thank you fro the reply... But the consolidator ID gets changed at a particular frequency
To get the events, we need to set the session to the consolidator ID.

I am also using console c3 (console management) to access the console of all the configured servers and am able to view that in a GUI. Few console events area displayed on that but the events configured using the profile are not displayed except the console manager own events like console manger connected/disconnected.
Is there a way to get other configured events also in this console screen?
Peter Zeiszler
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Re: Unicenter Event management

If you are using only one consolidator you can define the consolidator to your current ID.
Example to point to consolidator 93:
show sys/proc=*sns#cons*
(get the ID number at the end of the process name)
defin/system/exec SNS$CONSOLIDATOR_ID 93

We setup our monitor to send emails to us for specific events.

The show /cont is the way to setup for events to show on the current screen. I don't know of any other "pop up". You might be able to write one as part of the event handling.
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Re: Unicenter Event management

Thank you...