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Using Microsoft FTP


Using Microsoft FTP

I have a client that needs to FTP files to and from my OpenVMS server over a VPN tunnel and they are having a problem.

The client is using Microsoft's command line FTP from Microsoft Windows XP and they can FTP to the server, log on, perform a DIR and see the directory contents, but when they attempt to perform either a GET or PUT they get the following errors:

550- Failed to perform operation
550- Invaild Buffer Length

I can perform the same process from a local (on the same LAN segment) system and I have no problems and get no errors. has anyone seen similar behavior before?

Running OpenVMS 7.3-2 with HP TCPIP Services version 5.4-15.
Duncan Morris
Honored Contributor

Re: Using Microsoft FTP


just a guess, but try using PASSIVE ON (or the microsoft equivalent).

There may be an issue with setting passive mode in the command line FTP. Check out google for references to "windows xp ftp passive"

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Re: Using Microsoft FTP

Trying a PASV passive-mode transfer is certainly a reasonable suggestion. Firewalls can clobber various FTP traffic, and PASV tends to work better in these cases.

As for alternatives to the Microsoft FTP client that you might test with, there are various highly-regarded (free) FTP clients for Windows. Various folks have pointed to FileZilla (which I've used on Windows), and there are certainly various other FTP clients around.

I'd also try the same FTP client transfers from the client with other systems on the LAN; not just on tests on the local LAN, but tests across the VPN involving another FTP server. This to try to localize the trigger to the FTP client, the VPN, or the FTP server.

Also consider finding and loading an sftp client. sftp works rather more nicely with firewalls. I haven't looked for sftp on Windows; the clients I use have it built in.

Otherwise, you're likely going to have to sort out the FTP traffic, and where this attempt is going into the weeds.

(I have not checked to see if V5.4-15 is the current TCP/IP Services ECO.)
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Re: Using Microsoft FTP

I don't think the normal ftp client on xp does passive mode properly.
try this one
Richard Whalen
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Re: Using Microsoft FTP

What is creating the "VPN tunnel"?
Are these ASCII or IMAGE transfers?

What is the sequence of FTP commands (from when FTP is started) until the errors?

Re: Using Microsoft FTP

We currently have a VPN tunnel between the two sites (Texas and West Virginia)to encrypt the traffic. The process is
1. From a Windows XP box accesses the command prompt
2. Type FTP (server IP address)
3. Type username and password at those prompts
4. Type CD DSA2:[xxxx.xxxx} (change directory on the OpenVMS seerver)
5. System returns that this was successful
6. Type DIR
7. System returns a list of the directory
8. Type either PUT or GET with the appropriate filename
9. System returns the error messages.