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Using OpenVMS as a PC-NFS server


Using OpenVMS as a PC-NFS server

I am trying to set up my OpenVMS system with TCPIP service v5.3 with PC-NFS to assign the UID/GID pairs to my PC clients.

According to the documentation this is the sequence of events :-

1) The PC client sends a request for its UID/GID pair. This request includes the PC's host name with an encoded representation of the username and password.

2) PC-NFS responds by searching the proxy database and SYSUAF for a matching entry and by checking the password.

3) If a matching entry is located, PC-NFS returns the UID/GID pair to the PC client. The PC stores the UID/GID pair for later NFS requests.

4) If PC-NFS does not find an entry for the PC client in the proxy database, it maps the PC client to the default user TCPIP$NOBODY
account. In this case, restricted access is granted based on privileges established for the default user account.

Trouble is the PC-NFS never seems to find a match, and I always end up with the default user.

Is there anyway to see what the PC-NFS server is receiving and that is needs to match to interms of user name, host name etc. ? And is there a way to turn on logging to see what requests are received and what the status is ?

Any input appreciated.

Thanks Andrew
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Re: Using OpenVMS as a PC-NFS server

from a privileged account could you do

$set proc/priv=all

this will echo all the messages to screen

then try and do a client PC-NFC connect you should see more information on the connection attempt.

relay the info here, perhaps this will enable someone to find the solution to your problem

Smile I will feel the difference
Mac Lilley
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Re: Using OpenVMS as a PC-NFS server


You should be able to get info re nfs connections from the logfiles in sys$sysdevice:[tcpip$nfs]and from operator.log.

By the way have you set up a vms username for each nfs client?

$ mc authorize sho/br nfs0049
Owner Username UIC Account Privs Pri Directory

NFS0049 [4000,61] Normal 4 DISK:[USER]

TCPIP> sho proxy nfs0049

VMS User_name Type User_ID Group_ID Host_name

NFS0049 OND 61 4000 *