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VAX CPU details?

Lucifer Megacruel
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VAX CPU details?

Does any one have pointers to VAX CPU in vhdl or any other harware description language? Proabably we can make use of an FPGA to build one at home ... :)

vax forever .....

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Re: VAX CPU details?

AFAIK, no such implementation exists.  But you probably already suspected that.


There was one gate-array based VAX system that was around, but it's apparently been discontinued.  That was at RT Logic.  I don't know how many of those (if any) shipped, and all references to it have since disappeared from the RT Logic site.


A Bing search for /VAX FPGA/ will find a few other discussions, and various folks that have considered creating an FPGA VAX, or that have sought Verilog or VHDL for a design.  


No one has yet published one.


The VAX itself is "comparatively" easy, and various specs for that are available.  It's the rest of a VAX system that gets "interesting" to implement.


And FWIW, please start a new thread for a new (and unrelated) question.  Given you're not the OP, you can't close this thread, and any of the thread-based email notifications that might be active can end up going in various different directions.