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VMS Interview questions and Answers

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VMS Interview questions and Answers

Hi All,

Kindly help me in providing some VMS Interview questions and Answers, so that it will be useful for me carrer and near future.

Volker Halle
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Re: VMS Interview questions and Answers

Colin Butcher
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Re: VMS Interview questions and Answers

In my opinion an interview is not an examination, so there aren't any typical questions and answers. A company will generally ask you to do aptitude and personality type tests. They should also ask to see your certifications and qualifications. These are merely the first things they need to do in order to swiftly cross-check the information that you've supplied to make sure it's accurate and that it relates to you (yes, I've seen people send friends along instead, claim to know all sorts of things and so on).

The real purpose of an interview is to see how well you understand the various subject areas, see how well you'd fit in with the group of people you're likely to be working with and to see what potential you have. I usually look to see if people can think on their feet, whether they can explain complex things clearly and find out how they approach problem-solving.

So, expect what I would describe as a "directed conversation", with the interviewer(s) asking you to talk about various topics that come up and describe how you would deal with a range of technical and non-technical issues.

For example, I'd often ask someone who claims to understand OpenVMS and clustering to describe how the file system is structured so that more than one system can boot fom the same disc device, followed up by how the file system integrity is maintained, how the cluster member nodes communicate with each other and how a system can find a fibrechannel boot device.

Assuming you're seeking a job with HP (or indeed moving jobs within HP), then what's needed to develop and maintain an operating system is a wide range of interests, experience in a number of different areas and an appreciation of how all the different subject areas inteact. Simply working in one narrow field without an appreciation of the other subject areas is not sufficient to develop, support and deliver an operating system known for extremely high levels of reliability. Most of that reliability comes from a consistent architectural approach and extensive testing designed to find undesirable interactions and behaviours.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Colin (www.xdelta.co.uk).
Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem (Occam's razor).
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Re: VMS Interview questions and Answers

And OpenVMS or any other operating system isn't going to be a career, and has never been the footing for a career; the hardware and the software have evolved, and will continue to evolve.

Knowing how to research.

Thinking and questioning. Healthy skepticism.

Looking for motivations and alternatives.

Knowing when to be politic and knowing when to differ.

Staying current on various industry technologies and trends, and regardless of your current role and your current employer.

That's a career.
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Re: VMS Interview questions and Answers

Aside from all the good information you got,
learn about the company. The more you know
about the company, and can demonstrate it,
than you can show you are aligned with their

If you want to seem very interesting, get the
interviewer to talk about themselves.

Also, ask for the job. Send thank you notes
to the people that interview you adding something about what they said.

If you have some weaknesses about the job,
be honest. Set up honest expectations.

Bob Comarow