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VMS Program and Outlook Problem

Occasional Advisor

VMS Program and Outlook Problem

Theres a proogram on vms which sends emails with links to people in the following form


The problem is when these mails are sent to outlook the line breaks up like this


How could I stop this from happening?
Oswald Knoppers_1
Valued Contributor

Re: VMS Program and Outlook Problem

How is this program exactly doing this? Does it use VMS mail?

You might want to have a look at the mailsym symbiont:


You can 'print' a file and it will be sent to any destionation you like.

Honored Contributor

Re: VMS Program and Outlook Problem

The originating email program and particularly the full source listing of the (assumed) SMTP mail message as submitted on OpenVMS is of interest, as are details of the particular gateway(s) involved -- some of the gateways into the Microsoft Exchange environment can be (mis)configured to do exactly this sort of message line break.

Try this with a couple of target gateways, too, to try to narrow this to OpenVMS and the sending program, or to the (assumed) Microsoft Exchange gateway.

It's also feasible that whatever program is generating the message or submitting it into SMTP on OpenVMS is chopping it.

Stephen Hoffman
HoffmanLabs LLC
Occasional Advisor

Re: VMS Program and Outlook Problem

I think it could be microsoft outlook 2003 that is causing this problem.

Are there any known issues with outlook breaking up website addresses?
Honored Contributor

Re: VMS Program and Outlook Problem

"Are there any known issues with outlook breaking up website addresses?"

FWIW, Microsoft products are not the central area of expertise of this particular ITRC forum; this isn't the best forum for Microsoft questions. Do consider checking the Microsoft knowledge base or the Microsoft ITRC forum -- if there is one -- for details on and questions concerning Microsoft products.

Do consider reviewing what text gets submitted into the mail system to see if it is getting stomped before the gateway, check the gateway itself, and do take a look at the raw message within both the Microsoft client and within another available client connected into the Exchange server (assuming the Exchange Server is configured to permit non-Microsoft access). Evolution with the Exchange connector may be an option here, if the configuration does not permit non-Microsoft clients.
Robert Atkinson
Respected Contributor

Re: VMS Program and Outlook Problem

The most inportant question here is 'what format the email is being sent in?'.

If it's plain text, then Outlook will automatically wrap at column 'x'.

You can see this under Options > Mail Format > Internet Format > Plain Text Options.

Try setting it to 132 (allowed maximum) and see if it helps.

If you'd like some code/help sending the email in HTML format instead, which doesn't have these problems, let me know.