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VMS - ZIP freeware

Valued Contributor

VMS - ZIP freeware

Using a couple of freeware ZIP for VMS packages on our Alpha here.
When used with Excel Spreadsheets errors when unzipping on a windows based server.
Any ideas?
Volker Halle
Honored Contributor

Re: VMS - ZIP freeware


as a start, could please provide a little bit more information:

- version and architecture of OpenVMS
- version of ZIP/UNZIP used ($ ZIP -v)
- command used to ZIP the file on OpenVMS
- command used to unzip the file on Windows
- the text of the error message

If you transfer the Excel file via binary FTP, does it work then, i.e. is the file o.k. as stored on OpenVMS ?

Honored Contributor

Re: VMS - ZIP freeware

What problem(s) are you trying to solve with the use of file transfer and the use of zip here?

(Explaining what problem(s) you are seeking to resolve and providing some related background - in addition to how you're trying to implement the solution - often goes a very long way toward the possibility of alternative solutions. Specific questions are surprisingly hazardous in this regard.)

zip itself and ftp and sftp can and do work here, which imply one or more operational errors lurk. Old versions, bad commands, corrupt files, bad file transfer modes, etc...

Do get to the current zip and unzip bits, as a start. That's zip 2.32 or zip 3.0 or later, and unzip 5.52 or later. Copies of these tools are at www.info-zip.org among other places.

Volker's questions also apply. Unspecified commands and unspecified errors and unspecified transfer sequences are somewhere between difficult and impossible to address; we need some more details.