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VMS commands similar to Unix commands


VMS commands similar to Unix commands

VMS commands similar to Unix commands

Hi I am unix guy with 0 experience with vms, Please some one help me map the unix commands with Open VMS commands

ls -l
ls -lt
ls -R
ls -ld
ls -lt |grep " "
df -k
how to find the running jobs
how to see the print que
how to see the cancle print que
how to see the crontab similar


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Re: VMS commands similar to Unix commands

VMS has a comprehensive help library, type HELP at the command prompt will list all the commands that have help available.

For your ls commands try looking up help on DIRECTORY
under the help for directory there will be a whole bunch of qualifiers that should be able to provide you with all the information you need.

For df commands lookup help on SHOW DEVICE

for running processes enter SHOW SYSTEM

you can also see what a process is doing by entering SHOW PROCESS/CONT=

There is not really a crontab in VMS what you get are schedulers not with standard vms you need to purchase. The nearest thing to the crontab is a batch queue where you can submit jobs to execute at specific times. Look under the SUBMIT command for more information on BATCH submitions.

for QUEUE information look under the help for SHOW QUEUE or SET QUEUE also look under DELETE/ENTRY for deleting entrys on various queues

Hope this is of some help.

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Jan van den Ende
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Re: VMS commands similar to Unix commands


Welcome to VMS!!

Your best help is... Help

For an explanation on help:

Help help. (meaning: I want help on HELP)

First big difference: DCL (the Digital Command Language, compare script language)
is case blind, so HELP is the same as Help is the same as help. DCL is much more like plain English than unix shells, which makes it easier accessible to newbies. The syntax is more or less like Fortran or Basic (this will be considered blasfemie by some, but for a first approach it really works)

HELP has the same function as "man", but is more friendly to read.
Command qualifier syntax in DCL is /qualifiername, like -A in unix.

VMS commands and qualifiers may be abbreviated, as long as the remainder is unique. It is good practise NOT to abbreviate in procedures ( = scripts ), but of course it is fully OK interactively.

The VMS equivalent of ls is DIRECTORY.
HELP DIR gives you all the qualifiers and qualifier values that are available. You will find a lot of sameness, and some interesting differences as well. Try and find out.

All kinds of info on the system are available with SHOW.
Running "jobs", in unix terms are called processes.
Show system shows them
If you need more info on a certain process, well, show system showed the Identification,
and Show Process/ident= show info on that process. Several possibilities for deeper detail exist. Help Show Process will tell you.
Running "jobs" in VMS terms are like executing crontab jobs.
In VMS they are executed in Batch Queues.
You guessed by now: Show Queue.
Help Show Queue tell about various queus:
Show Queue takes a queue name as parameter (can be wildcarded).
/full gives details about the queue(s)
/all gives info about jobs waiting and executing in the queue(s) (equivalent of crontab info) and
/all/full gives details about the jobs in the queues.
One of the info elements is the entry number, and Delete/entry= cancels the job.
To a large extent print queues behave like batch queues.
Info on the bootdevice? Show device sys$sysdevice.
In contrast to unix, VMS does not group all disks into one filesystem, you might view it as if VMS had a separate filesystem on each disk.

Have fun.


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Bojan Nemec
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Re: VMS commands similar to Unix commands


Look at the thread http://forums1.itrc.hp.com/service/forums/questionanswer.do?threadId=657308 vhere Antonio post some links for VMS to UNIX commands.