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VMS versions that support Data Protector

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VMS versions that support Data Protector

From which Version of OVMS the Data Protector is supported. I have two machines running on 7.2-2 & 7.3 does these version support DP and if yes what is the DP version.
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Re: VMS versions that support Data Protector

Here's the OpenView Data Protector (OVDP) web site:


After some digging, the OVDP 5.5 and 6.0 agents are supported on "Open VMS 7.3-1, 7.3-2, 8.2, 8.2-1 , 8.3 (Alpha)". There are a number of footnotes.

For the other OVDP releases, dig your way to the associated "Data Protector ?.? Platform & Integration Support Matrices" PDF document.

There's an OpenView forum around, as well.

Neither of the cited OpenVMS versions are themselves officially supported by HP -- and haven't been supported in quite a while. (This using the "formal software support" interpretation of the word "support", and not the "the kit will install" interpretation of the word; the word "support" is ambiguous in HP-speak, and must be approached with some care.)

Given how old the OpenVMS releases are and given changes in the subsequent C libraries and such, I'd be mildly surprised if OVDP would add them on your likely schedule here.