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I have two node alpha cluster 8.3 (nodes JASVMS,JASPER) configuration is as follow
jasper is boot node for jasvms and jasvsm is having 0 vote in quorum.
jasvms boots perfectly fine from jasper out of cluster, when I try to boot jasvms in cluster with jasper, it crashes with PROCGONE bugcheck
please see the attachment for details

please help

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Re: %VMScluster-I-MSCPCONN

Hello and welcome to ITRC.

Check your system disk used on and used for the (satellite?) node that is booting (and crashing).

You're running OpenVMS Alpha V8.3, huh? You might want to check that version again as the crash that was attached was from an OpenVMS Alpha V8.2 system. Not V8.3.

Might not be the system disk you think it is?

As for the crash itself, check the system disk configuration, as a start. Here's the error you're hitting:

$ x=f$message(%x00728334)
$ show sym x
X = "%MOUNT-F-DEVSHAMEM, device is already mounted as a shadow set member"
$ help /message devshamem

DEVSHAMEM, device is already mounted as a shadow set member

Facility: MOUNT, Mount Utility

Explanation: The device you attempted to mount as a nonshadowed device
is already mounted elsewhere in the cluster as a shadow set

User Action: Mount the device as a member of a shadow set. You can use DSA:
to specify a generic virtual unit if you do not know which
virtual unit contains the device.


As a general rule, satellites should be non-voting members of the cluster, as well. Votes are typically assumed to hosts with non-served access to the system disk and/or to the quorum disk, or the votes are assigned to the quorum disk. (It's *very* easy to clobber a cluster with shared storage if you're not *very* careful with this. Don't try to "game" the votes and expected_votes settings, too.)


Re: %VMScluster-I-MSCPCONN

hello Hoff

thank you for quick response

you are right with your diagnose. I did
$ana /crash sys$sysdevice:[sys1.sysexe]sysdump.dmp
sda>clue register

R0 value reads the same "device is already mounted as a shadow set member"

well the mistake I made was on the satellite node:
Jasper(boot node) has a system disk shadow set and the shadowing parameters in Jasvms(satellite node) were
shadowing 0
shadow_sys_unit 0
shadow_sys_disk 0

I believe the last one tells the system to create a system disk shadow set.

so what was happening when jasvms(satellite) node boots up it tries to mount $4$dka0 where as it is already mounted as a member of DSA0 that give rise to conflict

thanks for your response


Re: %VMScluster-I-MSCPCONN

Thank you hoff for helping I got satellite node booting up successfully