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VTfm release 2.3-8 (new feature)

Vladimir K. Vershinin
Frequent Advisor

VTfm release 2.3-8 (new feature)

* Environment file SYS$LOGIN:VTFM$ENVIRONMENT.DAT now added for storing the following information when exit VTfm:

- directory panels orientation (left/right or top/bottom),
- current directory panel eft/right/top/bottom),
- file size measure (blocks or bytes),
- disk device and directory specification (for each panel),
- filtering wildcard mask (for each panel),
- selection wildcard mask (for each panel),
- current file bar position (for each panel).

* Some minor bug fixes.
* User's Guide in PDF format included in the kit.

So, when you run VTfm again your last working environment will be restored.

You can download VTfm kit from Web-page:


Vladimir Vershinin, vershinin-vk(AT)tochka.ru