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XFC Cache

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Dan Herron

XFC Cache

I am trying to turn off XFC caching for some files using the command:

A subsequent DIR/FUL of the files reveals that caching IS turned off:

Directory _$3$DKD103:[DB.FMS_MTHEND]

FMS_MTHEND.RDB;1 File ID: (388,39,0)
Size: 286/546 Owner: [MIS,WIRT]
Created: 1-OCT-2005 06:00:22.34
Revised: 26-OCT-2005 08:44:06.01 (116)
Linkcount: 1
File organization: Sequential
Shelved state: Online
Caching attribute: No_caching
File attributes: Allocation: 546, Extend: 0, Global buffer count: 0, No version limit, Contiguous best try, Backups disabled
Record format: Undefined, maximum 0 bytes, longest 0 bytes
Record attributes: None
RMS attributes: None
Journaling enabled: None
File protection: System:RWED, Owner:RW, Group:, World:
Client attributes: None

But the SHOW MEM command seems to indicate that the files are still being cached!?

sh mem/cache=file=_$3$DKD103:[DB.FMS_MTHEND]*.*
System Memory Resources on 26-OCT-2005 08:53:39.22

Extended File Cache File Statistics:

Caching is enabled, active caching mode is No Caching
Allocated pages 0 Total QIOs 45
Read hits 0 Virtual reads 32
Virtual writes 13 Hit rate 0 %
Read aheads 0 Read throughs 0
Write throughs 0 Read arounds 32
Write arounds 13

These are Oracle Rdb database files and I have closed and opened the database after issuing the SET FILES command, but the SH MEM still shows cache activity on the files.
Can anyone explain this behaviour?
Am I not doing something correctly?

Thanks for your help,
Dan Herron
Peter Barkas
Regular Advisor

Re: XFC Cache

Which version of OpenVMS are you running and do you have patched and ECOs installed? I think there was a problem with earlier versions.
Peter Barkas
Regular Advisor

Re: XFC Cache

Respected Contributor

Re: XFC Cache


I'm not sure what you are seeing as the problem -- active caching mode is "No Caching" and allocated pages is 0. This means there are no system resources allocated to caching for the file in question.

The "Caching is enabled" I believe indicates only that caching is enabled at the system level.

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Respected Contributor

Re: XFC Cache

I think that short of a reboot -- you might see that when Oracle is shut down and re-opens the database that the file will then dissappear from the cache altogether.

You might get the same effect if you can do a shared open against it with Oracle up and running, but if Oracle has it open for exclusive access you won't be able to pull that off.

Master you were right about 1 thing -- the negotiations were SHORT!
Dan Herron

Re: XFC Cache

Thanks for all your help!
It was the "CACHING IS ENABLED" that was throwing me for a loop.
Jan van den Ende
Honored Contributor

Re: XFC Cache


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Dan Herron

Re: XFC Cache

Thanks for the reminder.
I have been derelict in my duties as a Forum user!!