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Re: abs lookup error

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abs lookup error

I received an error when doing an ABS lookup.

abs lookup /obj=vms_files/cat=AROVMSTEST_2009 /sin=19-nov-2009 $1$dga19:[exports]MSAD_FULL_20NOV09.EXP/all/full
A Transaction Log entry was not found in the catalog.
This is on a test system and luckily, production is ok. I want to avoid this on production.
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Re: abs lookup error

Looks like an "informatory" message, or a bug.

If this is ABS prior to V4.5, I'd look to upgrade. If this is V4.5, contact HP support.

Checking the documentation...

A Transaction Log entry was not found in the catalog
The transaction log entry is not found in the catalog. Based on some scenarios, this can either be an informatory message or an ABS internal error.
User Action:
If it is an ABS internal error, contact HP for support."

Searching for ABS_TLE_NOT_FOUND finds some notes on ABS T4.5 and V4.5 releases, and specifically:

"4.1 ABS Save Fails with ABS_TLE_NOT_FOUND


While running the save operation, if the system time
changes due to DayLight Saving Time (DST) setting, the ABS
save operation fails with the "ABS_TLE_NOT_FOUND" error.

Though the expiration or retention date was specified in
the archive object, the SCRATCH date of the volume object
gets set to NONE after executing the save operation.


These problems were reported as QXCM1000390238 and
QXCM1000785707 and these problems are fixed in this
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Re: abs lookup error

Thanks for the input. We are planning to upgrade to 4.5 later this month.