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access violation

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Klaes-Göran Carlsson
Frequent Advisor

access violation


Any hints from someone where I should start looking for reason for below access violation?
It is a new program. Does it require some more quota or. What is most common reason for "access violation"?

%SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO, access violation, reason mask=04, virtual address=0000000000110000, PC=FF

FFFFFF84260D11, PS=0000001B

%TRACE-F-TRACEBACK, symbolic stack dump follows

image module routine line rel PC abs PC

LIBOTS 0 0000000000012D11 FFFFFFFF84260D11

libclntsh ttcx2y ttcc2u 427560 0000000000002110 000000000135D230

libclntsh ttcx2y ttcs2c 429560 000000000000ED20 0000000001369E40

libclntsh ttcacs ttcacr 415042 0000000000005DD0 00000000013587F0

libclntsh ttcdrv ttcdrv 1433700 0000000000002BC0 000000000139B080

libclntsh nioqwa nioqwa 162140 00000000000000C0 0000000000A62420

libclntsh upiprv upirtrc 418061 0000000000002300 000000000069C200

libclntsh kpurc kpurcsc 396905 00000000000001B0 00000000005A84F0

libclntsh kpuex kpuexecv8 1056507 0000000000009030 00000000004F9920

libclntsh kpuex kpuexec 1057935 000000000000FD50 0000000000500640

libclntsh oci8 OCIStmtExecute #1182 00000000000020F0 0000000000238A50

FBFSSND 0 000000000008FC70 000000000008FC70

FBFSSND 0 0000000000071D80 0000000000071D80

FBFSSND 0 00000000000507F0 00000000000507F0

FBFSSND 0 0000000000051AB0 0000000000051AB0

FBFSSND 0 0000000000052A30 0000000000052A30

FBFSSND 0 0000000000053E20 0000000000053E20

FBFSSND 0 0000000000053F50 0000000000053F50

FBFSSND 0 00000000000BDD00 00000000000BDD00

FBFSSND 0 00000000000CA3B0 00000000000CA3B0

PTHREAD$RTL THD_THREAD thdBase 243309 0000000000005BF0 FFFFFFFF84541440

PTHREAD$RTL THD_INIT pthread_main 243137 00000000000006C0 FFFFFFFF844F86C0


DCL 0 000000000006BA90 000000007AE0BA90

%TRACE-I-LINENUMBER, Leading '#' specifies a source file record number.

%TRACE-I-END, end of TRACE stack dump
Richard Brodie_1
Honored Contributor

Re: access violation

An access violation is the memory management system stopping you doing something.

reason mask=04 : attempt to write readonly memory.

PC=FFFFFFFF84260D11 : you were in a system library at the time.

virtual address=0000000000110000, somewhere in your program. A suspiciously round number, suggesting you might have wandered across a page boundary.

So, fire up a debugger, or put debug prints in your code. Work from the top of the call stack, and double check what parameters you are passing to the system library.
Volker Halle
Honored Contributor

Re: access violation


the ACCVIO itself happens in LIBOTS, a system library, after being called from a routine in an ORACLE library (libclntsh). If your code is in image FBFSSND, use a linker map and the source and machine-code listings to find out about the call with return address 8FC70.

You can also use $ SET PROC/DUMP before running this image to obtain a process dump in case of an improperly handled condition. You can then analyze the process dump with $ ANAL/PROC.

Klaes-Göran Carlsson
Frequent Advisor

Re: access violation

Thanks for your answers! Problem caused by c-program and pointer to pointers pointing on ... god nows what...