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analyzing disk errors

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analyzing disk errors

Is there anything as 'soft' errors in openVMS as we analyz utility is reporting errors on all the disks and I am trying to figure out what does this error report telling me :

EVENT EVENT_TYPE_____________________________ TIMESTAMP______________ NODE__ EVENT_CLASS____________________________
20308 Volume Dismount 25-JAN-2009 03:35:15.53 SUNNY VOLUME_CHANGES

DESCRIPTION__________________________________ RANGE___ VALUE_____________ TRANSLATED_VALUE_______________________
Hardware Architecture 4 Alpha
Hardware System Type 35
Logging CPU 10
Logging CPU 10
Number of CPU's in Active Set 12
System Marketing Model 1968 COMPAQ AlphaServer GS160
Error Mask <31:00>: 0x0000000A
Seconds Since Boot 1140879
Chip Type 12 EV68 (21264C)
Error Sequence Number 104515
DSR String AlphaServer GS160 6/1001
Operating System Version V7.3-2

Owner UIC of the Volume 65540
Unit Error Count 13
Unit Operation Count 6696993
Device Unit Number 235
Device Generic Name SUNNY$DGA..
Volume Number within Set 0
Number of Volumes within Set 0
Volume Label ORACURR03
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Re: analyzing disk errors


this is just an informational event , all volume mounts / dismounts are written to the error log along with number of other informational events such as timestamps.
are you currently getting increasing disk errors ? what storage is it using ?