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Re: broken cluster after autogen

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Re: broken cluster after autogen

> I'm using EXPECTED_VOTES=3 on both nodes, but VOTES=1 only on 1 of the 2 members. I was reading that only one should have VOTES=1

URL or reference, please?

Save for very specific circumstances when you might "play games" or "get creative" with the system parameter settings of votes and expected_votes to get a particular configuration to initially boot or such, whatever you were reading was either confusing, mis-worded, or was telling you how to corrupt your disks.

For a two-node cluster with no shared storage, read this:


For more general information, read this:

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Re: broken cluster after autogen


That must feel great. In 10 years of tech support for VNS. I heard so many people blame autogen.

Now that you found it, check where all the add_params are set to and change them to
mid_params=actual value.

Did you find it dif/par setparams.dat?
I always did this after running autogen,
looking to make sure especially it didn't change any cluster of shadow parameters.

I don't know your site but having a pair of eyes there at night you can depend on can
make your life easier.

So, it was hanging ready to form or join a cluster.

Is your quorum disk seen by each system
at the boot prompt?

I really think simplifying your modparams.dat
will greatly help diagnosing in the future.

If you reviewed agen$feedback.dat the change would have been there, along with so much other information you miss it. Dif/par would have made the change more obviouis.

And now, joy of joys, you know you have an autogenable system.

Have fun.

System management, 90% simple stuff,
9% interesting and learning stuff, and
1% utter panic. Somehow we forget the
98% skill and easy stuff, and focus on
the 1% of utter panic!

Please don't forget to add points.

I miss this, I worked tech support for 10 years and two of my specialities were clustering and boot, and your call was both.

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Re: broken cluster after autogen

Sorry, i cannot find the reference anymore, but it does not matter. I know your information is correct.

I checked with "mcr sysgen - use current - show votes" and the current and default value for votes = 1. I guess that is the reason why it works, even though I do not have votes=1 specified on one of nodes. I will correct it.

Thanks for all the info.