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cfg2html for VMS?

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Willem Grooters
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cfg2html for VMS?

Looking for a (preferably free) tool to make an inventory of software on a large number of servers, suitable for a variety of operating systems, I ran into cfg2html. the site (http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/cfg2html/) also mentions VMS: but that contains just a textfile explains VMS_Check, the VMS equivalent of this tool. However:




HP internal tool. Internal use only. Contact Kostas Gavrielidis


nor can I find it on the Freeware CD's (4.0 - 7.0 at hand).


Any link to this software - or release (I can live with "unsupported :)) is welcomed.


Willem Grooters
OpenVMS Developer & System Manager
David R. Lennon
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Re: cfg2html for VMS?



Kostas did just release a new version of his VMS_Check tool (X0.1-183) on 23-Sep-2012. It seems he prefers to keep track of who requests it and he distributes it via an email message. It is not just for HP internal use only. Send him a personal email to Kostas ( dot) Gavrielidis (at) hp (dot) com to request it.


- Dave


VMS_Check X0.1-183 23-Sep-2012

The latest version of VMS_Check has been released on September 2012. VMS_Check X0.1-183 23-Sep-2012


The VMS_Check-Sep2012.zip file contains the following files:


  1. KavaChartManual.pdf - KavaChart User Guide
  2. OTJ_VMS_Check_tool.pdf - OTJ article on Using VMS_CHECK to Collect OpenVMS Configuration Data
  3. VMS_Check-HowToInstallAndUse.txt - this file
  5. VMS_CHECK-SEP2012.A - VMS saveset of all files needed by VMS_CHECK.


On your PC do:


  1. Unzip the VMS_Check-Sep2012.zip file on Windows so you will have all the files above
  2. FTP transfer the VMS_CHECK-SEP2012.A file in bin mode to your VMS system


On your VMS system do:


1.  Create the [<some-temp-directory>] temp directory for VMS_Check and it's generated files


2.  Extract the contents of the VMS_CHECK-SEP2012.A saveset

  $ BACKUP/LOG VMS_CHECK-SEP2012.A/SAVE [<some-temp-directory>]*.*.*


     If this fails because of errors from the BACKUP command above then do this:


  $ set file/attri=(lrl:32256,rfm:fix,RAT:NONE) VMS_CHECK-SEP2012.A
    And re-invoke the BACKUP command above again.

3.  $ SET DEFAULT [<some-temp-directory>]


     Invoke VMS_CHECK with:


    VMS_Check will inform you when it is done


4.  You could ftp in ascii mode all the generated *.html, *.com, and *.txt files back to your PC for your review.


     I use:
  ftp> hash
  ftp> ascii
  ftp> mget *.html
  ftp> mget *.com
  ftp> mget *.txt

  ftp> bin
  ftp> mget *.jpg

The main HTML file generated is named: VMS_CHECK-<Nodename>-<Date>-<Time>.HTML

You can view it with your favorite browser.


Let me know if you have any questions after you perform these steps and also if you found any
issues with VMS_Check, and if you want me to include your extensions to VMS_Check in future releases.