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client xp in pathwork server

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client xp in pathwork server

With Openvms V6.1, pathwork server V5 and windows 9x the PC client
connect to server lan manager. A new PC with Windows XP/HE added in
network don't connect to server VMS.
I've tryed with windows xp/pro in a network using server Openvms V7.2
and pathwork V7.2. PC don't connect as client but work as terminal
emulation using telnet (lat don't work).
Reading documentation I discover:
1) windows XP use crypted password; updating window register I've
disabled this feature.
2) windows XP/HE don't support Netbios; XP/pro can support it with a
patch. I've installated this patch.
The client window xp don't connect to a server saying domain not exists.
How can i work ?
Thank yo
Antonio Maria Vigliotti
Paul Nunez
Respected Contributor

Re: client xp in pathwork server


There are a couple of patched images you need for the PATHWORKS v5 server in order for XP (and W2K) clients to successfully access shares.

First, your v5 server must be running v5.0F ECO2:

$ @sys$startup:pwrk$define_commands
$ pwver

If the image version column indicates V5.0-620F, you have v5.0F ECO2, otherwise you'll need to upgrade.

The patched images have an ident of V5.0-620F-W2K02. These images are available only from the customer support centers.