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copy Tsm to Integrity

Eitan Ram

copy Tsm to Integrity

Hi all.

We are in process of migrating from alpha server to integrity server.
WE have the TSM (terminal server Management) software installed on the alpha and want to use tsm also on the integrity.
I found on this forum that it's possible to AEST the image of tsm & tsm message.
I did that on integrity - but when I run the AESTed image I get the error messages
about no license.
%LICENSE-F-NOAUTH, DEC TSM use is not authorized on this node
-LICENSE-F-NOLICENSE, no license is active for this software product

I can't load the tsm license on integrity - the error is "%LICENSE-W-WRGARCH, TSM license is not valid on this architecture".

Also, I found some threads about tsm is now a freeware - but can't find it.

Any idea ?

Thanks, Eitan.
Ian Miller.
Honored Contributor

Re: copy Tsm to Integrity

The licence pak is available in the Freeware 6 collection

e.g see http://decuslib.com/freeware/freewarev60/tsm/

Purely Personal Opinion
Volker Halle
Honored Contributor

Re: copy Tsm to Integrity