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copy/ftp/anonymous password?

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copy/ftp/anonymous password?

From help:




Causes an anonymous access to the remote node or nodes.
/ANONYMOUS is the default remote access. The password
passed to the remote node should be in the form of

Does this mean the COPY/FTP command will send "user@fullyqualifiednodename" as the password or that the caller should specify a password of this form? If the latter how is it specified?

These ignore the /anonymous and so fail to login:

$ copy/ftp/anonymous x.x hostx"dummy me@myhost.com"::

$ copy/ftp/anonymous x.x hostx" me@myhost.com"::

This does:

$ copy/ftp x.x hostx"anonymous me@myhost.com"::

but then I don't see the point of the switch.

I'm hoping someone knows so that I don't have to experiment, it's just an edge case in a COM file I'm writing and my fallback is to refuse to do anonymous transfers.


Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: copy/ftp/anonymous password?

I know nothing, but around here,
COPY /FTP /ANON node::file []
seems to pass user "anonymous" and password
"sms@alp.antinode.info" (in my case) to the
FTP server.

Of course, your (unspecified TCPIP version
may differ from mine (but probably not in
this respect).

From my

8-SEP-2008 14:29:49.78 User:anonymous logged in ident:sms@alp.antinode.info from Host:

If you're specifying a user and ident with
/ANONYMOUS, you may be working too hard.

Re: copy/ftp/anonymous password?

Thanks, that answer my question I couldn't tell because I didn't have ready access to the logs for an FTP server that allowed anonymous login. (And too lazy to set one up if I didn't have to.)

If HP is reading this , you probably want to reword the help
text to say that COPY/FTP will attempt the login with
"user@fullyqualifiednodename" as the password.


Re: copy/ftp/anonymous password?

The help text was "disambiguated" for me:

copy/ftp/anonymous will login on the FTP server with username "anonymous" and a password of "@" that copy/ftp/anonymous will create from the current environment.