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cpu usage in rx 3600


cpu usage in rx 3600

we ahve rx3600 with 2 duecore cpu.How can we cheack that both cpu are being used by the system
Michael Moroney
Frequent Advisor

Re: cpu usage in rx 3600

From DCL you can do $ SHOW CPU and get something like this:

$ sh cpu

System: STARDV, HP rx3600 (1.59GHz/9.0MB)

CPU ownership sets:
Active 0-3
Configure 0-3

CPU state sets:
Potential 0-3
Autostart 0-3
Powered Down None
Not Present None
Failover None

This shows that all four CPUs are available.

Also do $ SHOW SYSTEM when the system is loaded and look for processes in the CUR state. The number after the CUR is the CPU the process is running on. After a few SHOW SYSTEMS you should see CPUs 0-3 being used. Create several CPU-bound processes if you really want to see all in use at once.
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Re: cpu usage in rx 3600

$ monitor modes/cpu=(0,1)