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debugging remotely with source code on client

Jess Goodman
Esteemed Contributor

debugging remotely with source code on client

VMS 7.32 Alpha

I need to set up a debugger session where the program being debugged is running on system Beta, but the programmer doing the debugging is doing it remotely.

So far not a problem - there are several solutions. The programmer can be set up for VPN access to Beta so he could:

* telnet in to Beta
* create a X-Windows display on his PC
* use remote desktop to access a PC on Beta's network
* use his VMS system to for DEBUG/CLIENT and BETA for the DEBUG/SERVER
* use his PC as a VMS debug client.

But here is the kicker - the source code for the program is proprietary and cannot be accessible to anyone using system Beta, with the exception of a remote session that the programmer has control over.

I see no way to do a SET SOURCE in the client/server debugger to point to the client side. Off topic, I tested the client/server debugger (VMS to VMS), and it seemed more like a proof-of-concept demo than a finished product.

An encrypted volume might work, since he could mount the volume on Beta privately, but I have not been able to find decrypt device drivers for VMS.

Any ideas?
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John Gillings
Honored Contributor

Re: debugging remotely with source code on client


I think NetBeans does this. Client is a PC, with code deployed to VMS. There's some magic GUI stuff that connects to debugger.

It's a free download. Might be worth looking at?

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Jess Goodman
Esteemed Contributor

Re: debugging remotely with source code on client


Thanks for the suggestion. The problem with Netbeans, as I understand it, is that the program to be debugged is running on VMS 7.3-2 Alpha.

According to:

Software Prerequisites - IDE Server on OpenVMS Alpha
» OpenVMS Alpha Version 8.2 or higher

Now I
I have one, but it's personal.