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does tcp 5.1 support sftp

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does tcp 5.1 support sftp

although we are using 7.1-2 but we are running TCP 5.1 , wont SFTP work on this version of tcp?
Thomas Ritter
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Re: does tcp 5.1 support sftp


$ ucx show service

Do you see SSH ?
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Re: does tcp 5.1 support sftp

TCP/IP Services V5.1 does not support sftp, nor ssh.
Ian Miller.
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Re: does tcp 5.1 support sftp

Process Software Inc sell a seperate SSH product which could be installed on this version of VMS or you could move to a supported version of VMS.
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Duncan Morris
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Re: does tcp 5.1 support sftp

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Re: does tcp 5.1 support sftp

we are using sftp on the vms with the following tcp ip version :

HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS Alpha Version V5.4 - ECO 7

so whats the minimum version of tcpip on 7.1-2 that will make us run sftp or sftp natively is not available on 7.1-2 unless we some some other third party product ?
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Re: does tcp 5.1 support sftp

You cannot do what you want with what you have.

You can upgrade to a more current version of OpenVMS Alpha such as V7.3-2 or V8.3; to an release which support the newer TCP/IP Services versions.

You can roll your own sftp and ssh; basically either port or pay for a port. (You can certainly try asking HP for this, though I'd expect HP would expect payment for this ssh feature back-port.)

You can find and install a third-party IP stack or a productized ssh component; Process Software might have an options here, either as a specific component or as a whole replacement IP stack that includes ssh.

Or you can use a firewall and a VPN.

Again, TCP/IP Services V5.4 is the first version of the HP IP product that contains ssh and sftp, and that version (based on some digging) appears to require OpenVMS V7.3 or later. (Yes, I'm ignoring the old ssh EAK that's around, but even that EAK w
on't get you back to V7.1-2.)


Here, you're trapped between what are likely some longstanding administrative decisions and the associated decade-old software here, and probably also decade+ old hardware. It's the local management that you best need to involve in the decision here. Not us. Your customer or your management decisions got you into this predicament, and your customer or your management will have to figure out how to get you out of it; your customer or your management will have to decide what they want to pay for here.

My free recommendation: upgrade from V7.1-2 to a more recent and preferably supported OpenVMS Alpha release. The difficulties are only going to get more expensive as the software and the hardware gets older.