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epoll for VMS

Tim Platten
Occasional Contributor

epoll for VMS


Does anybody know whether there any plans to implement the Linux epoll facility on VMS? Failing that, whether anybody has attempted to write their own?

I need it for a large porting exercise I'm currently undertaking.


Honored Contributor

Re: epoll for VMS

poll() is available in current versions.

epoll() is centrally Linux; it's not particularly portable to other platforms.

The OpenVMS I/O implementation is fundamentally different than how Linux has implemented that task; in recent applications, OpenVMS tends to be KP Threads and ASTs and system services and such.

For the literal question around the availability of epoll(), ask HP directly. They're the folks that know, and somebody that's in a position to know (or to add epoll() or poll() to a future version) may or may not be reading here.

Alex Chupahin
Super Advisor

Re: epoll for VMS

Also, there is some emulation for poll working
socket and pipes(mailboxes) both in the same moment call.