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error status x0001828A

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Occasional Contributor

error status x0001828A

I am getting this error in our application. Nothing has changed in the app for years.

Also getting secondary status of x00000800

message is $OPEN failed.

I checked the disk structure with analyze/disk and also the directory structure with analyze/rms.

The file is there. I can run a check on the file with the app and show no errors in the structure.

Can someone tell me the what the x0001828A message is?
Richard Whalen
Honored Contributor

Re: error status x0001828A

$exit %x1828a
%RMS-E-FLK, file currently locked by another user

So, the application is attempting to open a file for exclusive access and another application already has the file open.

Is the application running for longer periods of time such that sometimes they now overlap?
Occasional Contributor

Re: error status x0001828A


I did a sho dev/files and saw a process that had the file open that should have completed during the night.

Shriniketan Bhagwat
Trusted Contributor

Re: error status x0001828A


Wait until the other user has deaccessed the file. If the file is to be shared, verify that the SHR option is selected in the FAB for all users that need to access the file. If the file cannot be shared, modify the program to detect and respond to
the condition by waiting.

- Ketan
Steve Reece_3
Trusted Contributor

Re: error status x0001828A

If the file is being kept open by a job that should have completed overnight but didn't, maybe it's worth finding out why the job didn't complete when it should have done? This could be as simple as it started late, as complex as it's been taking longer and longer and now it's just hit the limit where it's causing other things to clash with it.