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ftp issue

Occasional Advisor

ftp issue

Hi, I support a system running OpenVMS V8.2-1. The system consists of 4 itanium servers. One server is classed as the "main", this processes all transactions and passes these transactions to the other 3 servers. The servers are split into 2 locations - a main site and a recovery site. 2 servers at each.Any of these servers can be the main - it is a case of who starts up first. They are all running the same software.


During the day a number of small files are passed via FTP from one server to all others. EG. When a user logs in to any server, the user profile is passed to all other servers.


At end of day all 4 servers transfer a number of files between each other using FTP. The "main" server is the most active sending and receiving more files.The size of the files can range between 1kb and 1mb.


Over the last 2 nights we have been experiencing problems at end of day. The main server locks up when sending its first file. The other servers send and receive their files correctly. The main server receives okay. After the problem occurred the first time we changed the main server to ensure there were no hardware issues. The same problem occurred on the new main server.


I don't have a sample of the actual transfer but the command looks like:


$ copy/ftp filename tcpip_node"username password"::destination file


As I write the system is ticking over and using FTP to transfer files. I can almost guarantee that in 12 hours time when it closes down the problem will reoccur.


When I receive the call tonight I am hoping to try a few tests. I guess a simple "copy/ftp" from the command line is a good idea. Are there any FTP/TCP logs I can look at?


Finally, I know these guys have been playing with their network recently (a 3rd party is receiving badly formed messages down a TCP port). Is is possible a network setting could hinder traffic?


Any ideas appreciated? Thanks

Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: ftp issue

> Are there any FTP/TCP logs I can look at?




      COPY /FTP /VERBOSE [...]


> Is is possible a network setting could hinder traffic?


   A network problem could cause networking problems.

Volker Halle
Honored Contributor

Re: ftp issue

A problem with a hung FTP transfer would most likely occur on the 'remote' end of the transfer (FTP Server side instead of FTP client side). Except if it is a caused by a problem with DNS name resolution (could be local or remote).


If you've changed the main server, did you consider that the problem could be on the remote end of the FTP transfer ?


Look for the actual failing/hanging command and check - as Steven has suggested - the TCPIP$FTP_SERVER.LOG file in the account used on the FTP server side.



Occasional Advisor

Re: ftp issue

thanks Steven and Volker. Regarding the log you have triggered some thoughts in the back of my mind which are worth investigating.


And to be quite honest I didn't think of asking the admin guys to check the ftp server. Plenty to investigate.




Mike Kier
Valued Contributor

Re: ftp issue

If the systems are all VMS, is there any particular reason not to run DECnet over IP and use regular COPY rather than COPY/FTP (and all of the other integrated DECnet capabilities and utilities)?

Practice Random Acts of VMS Marketing
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Re: ftp issue

And for completeness, get off of V8.2-1 and its associated products and versions, and get (more) current.


Definitely get to V8.3-1H1, or (only if you have support and particularly access to current patches) maybe V8.4.