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hi friends....

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hi friends....

Dear Friends,

we have four nodes are in openvms cluster environment. when i check the operator log it shows like this:

%%%%%%%%%%% OPCOM XX-XXX-2006 18:48:53.01 %%%%%%%%%%% (from node XXXXX a`
Message from user SYSTEM on XXXXXX
Event: Unrecognized Individual Destination PDU from: Node LOCAL:.XXXXXX CSMA-CD`
at: 2006-XX-XX-18:48:52.604+00:00Iinf
Data Link Header='AA000400042C00807D20C7378100'H
eventUid 5A7032BE-346A-11DB-B264-464F52544953
entityUid 9905C625-3118-11DB-849E-AA000400042C
streamUid 9D0924AF-3118-11DB-8559-AA000400042C

can anyone tell me what is the meaning of it?

%%%%%%%%%%% OPCOM 7-APR-2008 02:07:03.34 %%%%%%%%%%%
Message from user SYSTEM on FORTIS
Event: Circuit Change from: Node LOCAL:.FORTIS Routing Circuit CSMACD-1,
at: 2008-04-07-02:05:01.095+00:00Iinf
New Circuit State=On
eventUid 07CB937E-0447-11DD-8505-AA000400042C
entityUid 06E77437-0447-11DD-8505-AA000400042C
streamUid 091DCF94-0447-11DD-8573-AA000400042C
Vladimir Fabecic
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Re: hi friends....

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Re: hi friends....

> Data Link Header='AA000400042C00807D20C7378100'H

The first message says that your host (ethernet address AA-00-04-00-04-2C received a packet from the host with ethernet address 00-80-7D-20-C7-37) using protocol 81-00 (I have no idea what protocol this is but it appears to be something propriatary to Wellfleet Communications) and your system has no software active that is listening for this protocol. The 00-80-7D in the beginning of the sender's ethernet address is a vendor code that indicates that the manufacturer is Equinox Systems - could be a terminal server perhaps. If you only observe this during system startup then your system likely speaks this protcol but it hasn't been started yet. ( Vendor and type code listings can be found at http://www.cavebear.com/archive/cavebear/Ethernet/ )

The second message that you received report is "Event: Circuit Change" is likely DECnet starting up on your host during bootstrap.
Wim Van den Wyngaert
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Re: hi friends....

I think this is the 8100 protocol.

I get it sometimes for protocol 6007 which is cluster protocol related.
http://www.cavebear.com/archive/cavebear/Ethernet/type.html (is old list)

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Re: hi friends....

thanks yar....