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how set a Logical o symbol

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Occasional Contributor

how set a Logical o symbol



Alredy migrate from eva to 3par


before I have my device


$1$dga4:  now $1$dga53:


but all my aplications was created for see $1$dga4:  ( aplication.exe dont exist  source code any more for compile)


How can do alias?


Im Trying  $define/system $1$dga4: $1$dga53: (into sylogicals)


but when type


$dir $1$dga3:


show me inappropiate device.


into uaf

uaf>mod user/dev=$1$dga3:


the user can´t see data because is not $1$dga53:



only works set def $1$dga3:


I have 23 disk with same situation


Any body can help to me?





Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: how set a Logical o symbol

B Claremont
Frequent Advisor

Re: how set a Logical o symbol

$       DEFINE /SYSTEM /EXEC $1$dga4 $1$dga53:
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: how set a Logical o symbol