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how to sync time (TCPIP$NTP-enabled)

Frequent Advisor

how to sync time (TCPIP$NTP-enabled)

Can you please help urgently.

How to sync the time in VMS server.(i don't want to set the time manually).Server time is 2 min slower than actual time.

I can see in server TCPIP$NTP service is enabled.How can i confirmed whether this services we are using or not.

Karl Rohwedder
Honored Contributor

Re: how to sync time (TCPIP$NTP-enabled)

If NTP is enabled, you should see a process named TCPIP$NTP_1.
The configuration file is defaulted to:

In it you should define your timeservers, a .TEMPLATE file should be there as a starter.

If you do a @SYS$MANAGER:TCPIP$DEFINE_COMMANDS, a foreign commad NTPTRACE gets defined, which will show you the current server, e.g
LOCALHOST: stratum 3, offset 0.000489, synch distance 0.18829 stratum 2, offset 0.107312, synch distance 0.02275 stratum 1, offset 0.107330, synch distance 0.00101, refid 'PPS'

I would suggest to read up the chapter about NTP in the TCPIP config guide.

regards Kalle
Frequent Advisor

Re: how to sync time (TCPIP$NTP-enabled)

Thx. I will go thru document and get back to u.